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Sacred Heart Catholic Church

302 West 11th Street, Elgin, Texas 78621

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are we remodelling and expanding our church?

Our parish congregation has grown! Currently we have a Saturday evening English Mass, two Sunday Spanish Masses and two Sunday English Masses. We are either approaching or exceeding our seating capacity at most of the Masses, especially the Spanish Masses. First communion and confirmation masses as well as some holy day masses currently exceed capacity, forcing participants to crowd the aisles, balcony and even to stand outside. These conditions do not promote our spiritual growth. We have to increase our seating capacity and update our existing facilities.

$1.5 million has been committed to our project. Why do we need an additional $500,000.00?

It is the goal of our parish to be debt free at the completion of construction. The pledge drive monies will help to insure this goal. The $500,000 will be used for all the accessories for the church, i.e., Stations of the Cross, baptismal font, etc. The additional monies will help to protect against any cost increase.

Why are we conducting a pledge drive at this time?

We received an estimated cost of $1,700,000 for the expansion of which is strictly for the church renovation, pews, altar, and parking. This $1.7M is based on an earlier estimate. We expect actual cost to be closer to $2.0M. Normally the diocese deducts 10% of all monies collected; however, they have exempted us from paying this allocation on this project for a period of 1 year. It is imperative we collect as much monies as possible in the upcoming months so we gain maximum benefit from our donations.

When will we start?

Proposed ground breaking is July 2015.

What will be the additional seating capacity?

Total seating capacity will be 520; this includes balcony and cry room seating.

Will we have additional parking?

Yes, parking capacity will be 200+.

How long will construction take?

The current estimate is 12–18 months. Once we award the contract we will be able to get a more accurate time of completion.

Where will we have Mass during construction?

Mass will take place in the parish hall. Since it will be devoted to Mass, there will not be any breakfast or other events in the hall until the expansion is completed.

I already give to the $20.00 per week club.

Once the pledge drive starts, apply your future donations toward your pledge drive commitment.

If I commit to a specific amount over a period of time, what is the legal recourse if I default on my commitment?

There is no legal recourse. If you have a life changing event occur or any other personal reason why you need to stop your donation(s) for any period of time, just notify the office and the office will process a stop payment which will take effect one month following the request for stop payment.

Will I be able to use my pledge(s) as a tax deduction?

Our parish is a 501(c)(3) organization; therefore your contributions are deductible. Individual parishioners should take their own personal financial situations into account and possibly consult their financial advisors to ascertain the tax advantages their gifts may create. All donors will receive a yearly contribution statement from the parish.

What assurances are there that we won’t have overruns?

At this time we only have an estimate construction cost. Fixed costs will be available when the bid and contractor is chosen.

Can I make a donation in memory of a loved one?

Yes. We are currently looking into what form of recognition will be implemented.

How does this relate to tithing?

Best practices must be built upon, and in agreement with, the Word of God. Ultimately, giving that is both spiritually rewarding to the giver as well as financially rewarding to the church requires faith; and “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” Your donations will meet the need to teach how God provides for His will to be done through the proper stewardship of His people.

Can parishioners volunteer to do work on the church as a means of service?

We appreciate our parishioner’s willingness to serve; however, the diocese mandates we use diocesan approved licensed contractors.

Show me an example of the breakdown of my 3 year donation.

Daily Monthly Weekly Annually
3 Year Plan - Total Pledge $6000 $5.48 $166.67 $38.46 $2,000
3 Year Plan - Total Pledge $3000 $2.74 $83.33 $19.23 $1,000
3 Year Plan - Total Pledge $1000 $1.83 $55.56 $12.82 $667